SWAT-CUP is a program for calibration of SWAT models.
The program could be used to perform calibration, validation, sensitivity analysis (one-at-a-time, and global) and uncertainty analysis.
The program links SUFI2, GLUE, ParaSol, MCMC, and PSO to SWAT. Any of the procedures could be used to perform calibration and uncertainty analysis of a SWAT model.

SWAT-CUP also has graphical modules to observe simulation results, uncertainty range, sensitivity graphs, watershed visualization using Bing map, and statistical reports.


SWAT-CUP Parallel Processing module
Distributed hydrological models are being used more and more for identification of the best management practices and other managerial decision making.
Hence, it is important that these models are properly calibrated.
Time constraint is the most important challenge in model calibration and uncertainty analysis.
SWAT-CUP parallel processing currently allows SUFI2 to perform faster using Parallel Computing Technology.

Parameterization is an attempt to regionalize SWAT parameters. The program is now able to parameterize all SWAT parameters based on hydrologic group, soil type, landuse type, subbasin number, and slope. Parameters of crop, fertilizer, pesticide, urban databases as well as temperature, and rainfall values can be calibrated. This means each HRU can have a different parameter value. Lumping is also allowed based on the above characteristics.
A form is created to make assignment of parameters easier. (New)

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